From 8000 BC to 1650 AD human population went from 10,000,000 to 500 million, then, in a 350 year heartbeat, to over SIX BILLION in the present, growing by over 100 million every year. The impact of a bio-mass of humanity this great is enormous. It changes weather patterns, pollutes oceans and rivers, destroys rainforests, and precipitated the greatest mass extinction of living things ince the age of dinosaurs.

Nevertheless, in relation to the total length of our stay on the planet, this devistation is taking place in the blink of an eye, and shows no real sign of slowing. What's going on? It may well be that UNLIMITED GROWTH & DESTRUCTIVE DOMINATION of the environment is INTRINSICALLY part of the novel way of life we have so recently adopted. Perhaps there is no possibility of halting this destructive growth within the dynamics of this Way.

Finding other Ways to follow that are more in harmony with the fragile realities of our home planet is certainly the most important challenge the human race has ever faced.

So what do we do now?


"Civilizations are not terminals but wayside camps, pitched at sunset and broken at dawn so that they can travel on again."

--Laurens van der Post

MIND THAT RECENT revisions by cultural anthropologists of the nature of hunter-gatherer societies paint a very different picture than the image in popular consciousness: They emerge "not as primitive brutes but as typically well nourished, noticeably free of anxiety about their next meal, and blessed with an abundance of free time. They possesed complex mythologies, elegant arts and keen minds, and were the original affluent society. "Long ago they evolved life-patterns that maintained a relatively stable population and a balance with the rest of Gaia's inhabitants. A few survivors of this original culture still exist, but global Monoculture is dedicated to the complete assimilation and/or annihilation of all peoples non-compliant to ITS world-outlook. SCROLL RIGHT to get the big picture.


810,000 BC

800,000 BC

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10,000 AD

The famous "J-Curve"