Proposal for New York diorama: The Solstice Ceremonies

Lighting is dimmed and dramatic. The background is is a photo-muraL. A soundtrack of early morning birdcalls, chanting, digeredoos, etc. The chanting is reminiscent of Appalacian shape-note singing with an odd accent. The overall feeling is East-West and aboriginal. A sense of tranquility pervades the scene. But it is also a kind of puzzle inviting the viewer to "get" what's going on. It is a ritual gathering under a crumbling roadway. Everything is in alignment with the sun rising between twin monoliths in the distance, which is the World Trade Center. It is a solstice ceremony along the banks of the Hudson. As the sun becomes brighter the chanting becomes louder. All around are suggestions that these people’s have a subtle metaphysical identity. (A glyph on one of the walls is E=mc2, the Great Equation binding energy and matter.) The chanting is not a litany worshipping the sun, but a hymn to the inner sun.
We are burning, we are bright,
we are shining day and night...
The whole scene is a n amalgam of tribal influences: There’s a strong native American feel, but also Celtic and African, and all accented with techno-debris from our time. The people themselves are racially diverse, simple but cultured, their clothes home-spun, and beautifully embroidered.
Moving past the diorama, we may notice when we come in front of a ceremonial seat that chalked arcs on the concrete abutments and overhead I-beams suddenly “connect” into a great circle centered on the rising sun. This seat incorporates a circular Atomheart Stone. Whoever sits on it is the central figure in the ritual, their heart-center aligned on a sacred axis running from the Sun to the heart-of-atom pattern of the chair-stone.)

Atomheart chair