Woven design (Marriage of sun and swaticka)

Motherbowl for the Rainwaters ritual

Crack-Between-theWorlds rug

The artistic patterns favored by Traditional peoples--such as the tribes of the Afterculture--are rarely merely decorative. They are "stories" that the folk can read, so that a bowl, a shirt, or a rug will also testify to a spirit-filled cosmos. It may be that Traditional people make an intuitive choice to keep their material support systems simple and basic so that they can free the greater part of their attention to the life of the spirt--to what we might call the exploration and understanding of "consciousness." It may be that this pursuit is far moe rewarding to human being people than the full-court-press domination and control of nature (to which we have devoted so much of our resources for so long).

Ley-pole in woods
Drawing up and awakening long-dormant currents of tellurgic force.